Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Assignment #309: Get in Line!

Ugh, Karen wants to know how we like standing in line.

Weekend Assignment #309: Nobody likes standing in line, generally speaking, but sometimes you have to wait around to get what you want. Are you one of those people who avoid lines as much as humanly possible, even if it means doing without? Or do you accept the need for queues, and simply try to make the wait as painless as you can?

No, just like most people I don't like standing in line, but you can't always avoid it. If you go to the grocery store on the weekend, go to a concert, pr the DMV, you are going to have to wait in line. I'm okay with it to a point. I get irritated when the people in front of me make it much longer than it needs to be.

I'll give you an example, (this happened to Jenn, but it would kill me) a person is in the front of the line at the grocery store. Now, imagine this is the only lane open. To make the experience so much better, the person at the front of the line decides she wants to break up her purchase into several transactions to be able to use more coupons. Wouldn't this drive you a little crazy? You can admit it, we won't judge you.

On a related note, I hate when you are in a major traffic jam because one lane is closed just ahead, but some idiot decides to drive all the way up the barricade, then try to squeeze into the line of cars that were smart enough to merger earlier. Let me tell you, when this happens I wish I had a Hummer or some major beater car. You know why.

So, yes, I love waiting in line. Can you tell?

Extra Credit: Do you see the problem of waiting in lines as getting better or worse in recent years?

I don't know if it is getting worse. I think there are so many things you can do online now to check into things that the waiting can be much better.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heh. My husband John claims that his mutant power is to choose the longest supermarket line, or the one that is about to be delayed by a problem - a declined card, a dispute over a price, etc. May your lines be short and delay-free!laeq

Florinda said...

Oh, that car thing? I see it EVERY DAY, and not because a lane is closed - people just drive up the shoulder so someone HAS to let them in, up front. I cannot stand it.

And those people who hold up everyone in line behind them are no fun either.

Mike said...

Karen: I think I have that same mutant power. It also works on the tollway for me.

Florinda: I bet you see that a lot in LA. Everyone is way too important to wait in traffic in LA. :)