Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gift receipts

I had to run out and buy a gift for my dad today; a belated Father's
Day gift. Before I left my wife said, "Don't forget a gift receipt."

So, I go to the store and start looking around. All the while, in the
back of my head I'm chanting, gift receipt, gift receipt, etc. I find
a shirt I want to get, but I call Jenn to ask about the size. She
reminds me about the gift receipt.

I get the two things I want, pay and leave the store. Did I remember
the gift receipt? Of course I did -- when I was getting in the car. I
was laughing so hard at myself that people probably thought I was crazy.

I had to run to Target to pick up a few things and I was going to buy
something for Jenn to make her forget about the gift receipt. I
couldn't find anything, so I just went home. I went in to admit my
mistake like a man, "The lady confused me. She started asking about a
rewards card. I'm not felling well, remember? I think I need a nap."

Yeah, I'm pathetic.


Jenn said...

You forgot to mention your long history of not picking up gift receipts . . .others should know this is not a one time thing. Hence the need for multiple reminders. If the kids were with you at the checkout, I'd give you the distraction argument, but not this time :)

bluegame said...

You always forgot to mention your memory history:-) did you get gift
receipt or not! Get home so Jenn can run.

DC said...

Being that it appears you have a history of forgetting can you blame her for reminding you so many times? haha.

Mike said...

Jenn: Fine...

Lori: I am home. Jenn just went.

DC: No. No I can't. It's sad really.