Monday, June 16, 2008

Somebody slap me

I'm so tired. You know when you were in school, and you were taking notes and your drifted off to sleep and your writing slowly turned into illegible scribbles? (When you read that last sentence, does Chris Farley's voice pop in your head?) That is me today. Usually I don't have to write much by hand, but today I do. I think I am using my quota of white out for the month in one day. At least my scribbles aren't turning into some sinister sub-conscious messages.

Anyway, I'm tired. Did I mention that? I know right now my sister is reading this and laughing, thinking I don't know the meaning of tired. I don't, but not her meaning. She works too much; more than I could, or would. But, I still get tired, some of it due to staying up later than I should, some of it due to my diet. Not that I'm on a diet, just the foods I eat. Too much junk food, not enough veggies, that sort of thing. I try to change, but it never lasts long. I think I need a personal chef. Someone who will work for cheap; like free. Anybody know someone like that? Maybe I can borrow Oprah's chef. How often is she home to get a meal? Maybe they could just send over some leftovers.

I will announce it now; I am going to bed early tonight. There, now that everyone here (all 3 or 4 of you) knows that, I have to live up to it.

I wish I was home right now, sprawled out on the couch, watching the US Open playoff. I am reading the live blogs, but it's not the same as watching it on TV. I should have set up the TiVo to record it. I'm sure I can see a lot of replays tonight on the Golf Channel. Again, not the same, but at least it is visual.

Enough rambling. Back to work!


DC said...

I'm usually tired on Mondays. I hate it when I don't get enough sleep or don't sleep well because I'm so tired I just feel like I'm in a haze all day!

Good thing for me is my workday is over in about half an hour and I can go home and relax!

Jenn said...

been taping golf for you since noon. :)

Cookie said...


You said to. ;^)

I think Jenn is the best and you're very lucky to have her. I, for one, would not be taping golf for anyone.

Mike said...

DC: I know. Mondays suck. You go to work really really early too, right? I start at 7am, and I can barely handle it.

Jenn: You're awesome, thanks!

Cookie: Thanks, I needed that! (Wasn't that from an old after shave commercial?) Why do you hate golf? :)

DC said...

Yep, I get to work anywhere between 4:30-5am. It's not so bad unless I don't get good sleep. I slept great last night so, today shouldn't be too bad.

Mike said...

DC: Ugh, I couldn't do that. I am NOT a morning person. It is nice to get out early in the summer, bug I'd end up falling asleep in the back yard or something.