Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm exhausted

My son had a friend over for a few hours today, so why am I exhausted? They played nice, mostly in his room, and he was only here for three hours. It should have been a piece of cake. Really, it was, I think I'm wiped out from the week. My wife has been out of town since Monday. You never realize how nice it is to have both parents home until one is gone. Usually, if one of has to get something done, the other could watch the kids for a few minutes. Plus, you can share the wealth on reprimanding. It's not easy to be constantly telling the kids not to jump down the whole flight of stairs, or on top of the dog. I've had plenty of days where I was home during the day with them while Jenn was at work, but I could get that short break after she comes home. The same goes for her when I'm working on the weekends. I'm pretty lucky though, my wife is just gone on business. Some people have to do this all the time on their own. I give them all the credit in the world.

On a lighter note, the giant collar my dog has to wear is driving me crazy. It hurts when he runs into you with it, and he's marking up the walls. At times I can see him get dpressed about it. He'll be running around, playing with a toy, then loose it since he has no peripheral vision, then give up and lay down. It's kind of sad. It's also very dirty. That thing is a major dirt collector. I'm pretty sure it is breeding some kind of major bacteria or something. I try to clean it out, but Quincy keeps trying to eat the paper towel I'm using to clean the thing.

I don't know how he eats with it on either. When he is eating, the cone completely covers his food bowl. At least there is no loose food flying around. I wonder how loud it is when he is chewing his food? He eats dry food, so the chewing must be echoing in his head. Have you ever tried plugging your ears while eating cereal as a kid? ( i know you have). It must be extra loud for Quincy since dogs hear so much better. Lapping up water? Forget it; it must sound like he is under a waterfall. He is supposed to keep the cone of restrictive licking on for 14 days. I may take it off sooner. Don't tell my vet!

OK, time to force the kids to bed early. I need a break...


Florinda said...

Hopefully your wife is home by now :-).

I think everyone should have to do the single-parent (or just "single") thing for a few days every now and then - it really does help you appreciate being part of a couple. I know that my three years of singlehood helps me appreciate my husband even more.

Mike said...

Florinda: She's on the ground. Not him yet.
I see what you mean. I'm sure that did help you, and it does give one perspective.

DC said...

Sounds like a lot to do. Hopefully you get some time to rest this weekend.

Mike said...

DC: Unfortunately I have to work this weekend. Not as relaxing as I'd like. Maybe next weekend!