Sunday, June 22, 2008

Like running in chocolate

That's what it felt like. I went running for the first time in a
while. I'm not sure how long it has been. I don't think I want to know.

It wasn't easy. As I ran I could feel every bag of M&M's, every Oreo
Fudgie, and every hamburger dragging me down. Either that, or the
earth has gained more mass so gravity is stronger. Which seems more
plausible? Yeah, I was afraid of that. I cursed every bad meal and
snack I had eaten the last month or so. Really, I was cursing at
myself. I was doing well at the beginning of the year, then I turned
into my usual sloth-like self. No more I say!

But I ran. I feel good, for now, I just need to keep it up. I have a
9.5 mile race in September, and if I don't want to be dragged off on a
stretcher, I need to keep going. No more excuses! Except for tomorrow.
I have to get up at 4:30am for a quick round trip flight and the kids
have swimming lessons. I plan on being exhausted. After that it's all
about getting in shape again. I swear!


DC said...

I remember when I used to run. I was even on the track team in high school. Now if I run a couple of blocks I get winded as if I'd just ran up 10 flights of stairs. Plus, I'm so accident prone that I have torn ligament in my ankle and knee. So, I can only go to the gym and only use the eliptical because the treadmill was giving me shin splints.

Whoa, reading that it sounds like I should be 60 years old. So sad.

Mike said...

DC: I'd say more like 55. :) That's OK. With the torn ligaments it's got to be tough to run. Is it ok on a bike? The knee, I mean. Seems like that would hurt on a bike too.

DC said...

I don't really like the bike because I feel I get a better cardio workout on the eliptical, but even then I have to wear a brace on my knee because it can start to get sore. I think I'm going to be in a wheelchair by the time I'm 40. sigh. :)

Mike said...

DC: I've heardthat the elliptical gives a better workout. I've never tried it myself.

I think I'll make it passed 40. But that's only because it is less than a year away...