Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have a problem

That was the text message I got from my wife as I was on my way home from getting a hair cut. (From The Hair Cuttery if you must know. What?)

Then I received this photo a few minutes later

That is the kid's bathroom. While the room isn't always clean, this is not a normal scene. See, the kids were banished to their rooms, while they were up there my daughter had to go to the bathroom. We never got the whole story, but let's just assume quite a bit of toilet paper made it's way into the toilet. Said toilet then overflows, and chaos ensues.

My son came down to tell Jenn what was happening and our daughter started freaking out. She thought the whole house was going to flood and that I would make her leave our house. She told Jenn she wanted to wait in the car at one point.

After much plunging, and many times asking what went into the toilet, we got things under control. But my daughter still thinks the toilet, any toilet, is going to overflow.


Florinda said...

Oh, THAT's not good.

My stepson has quite a talent for toilet-plugging. How little people can get so much in there is...something I don't want to think too much about.

But I understand how your daughter's feeling - it's a traumatizing experience.

Unfocused Me said...

With my four-year-old, we have the opposite problem. I have to beg him to use *more* toilet paper...

Sorry, TMI, I know.

Mike said...

Florinda: I know what you mean. I am amazed sometimes. :) She really got freaked when the water came thruogh the ceiling into the utility closet below.

Unfocused: That's okay, we're all adults here. My son was the same way. What's the deal with that and boys?

DC said...

I don't think I ever plugged the toilet as a kid. Or it may have been insignificant compared to the other trouble I got myself into.

By the way, when I'm old and people ask me why I never had kids, my stories are going to start off "Back in the day there was this blogger Mike..." haha

Mike said...

DC: Aw, come on. This is all fun stuff. :) I think most of us try to forget those types of things, but I'm sure we've all done things like this.