Sunday, June 1, 2008

I have the attention span of a two month old puppy

I cannot concentrate today. Everything distracts me. For example, there is a kite stuck in the power lines across the street from work. It has been there for about a week, but I keep looking at it. Why? I know what it is. It hasn't moved. Why can't I stop looking at it?

Hey, a bird!

 I have my latest Automobile magazine open in front of me, but I keep going back to Google Reader, too. So far I have only made it to the letters to the editor part of the magazine.

Look a squirrel!

I have found some cool stuff today. I found a new artist. Well, new to me. I was on Bad Astronomy and there was a link to Rob Sheridan's SketchBlog. You try to go there and not spend a lot of time looking at the cool, creepy pictures. You can't! If I had a band I would want him to design my album cover. My favorites on his site are Cereal Mascot Reunion Presents Opening Children, and Follow Me. I set the latter as my background on my work computer. That should keep people away from my stuff! By the way, some images are slightly NSFW.


I also found the Uroclub through Dave Barry's blog. I would like to meet the guy, you know it is a guy, who came up with this. I do not want to meet the guy who would use it. At least I wouldn't want to carry his golf bag. In case you didn't click on the link, it is a club that has a hollow, wide grip that you can use on the course if you have had too many beers and can't find the porto-let. Can you imagine the smell in your garage if you forgot to empty it on your last round of the year?

What is that stuck on the power line?

Check out the new Clarkesworld Magazine. It has a new story by Mary Robinette Kowal in it called Clockwork Chickadee. It is a very cool story. I spent a little while reading that today, and checking out the rest of the magazine, too. Then, because of that, I starting surfing other science fiction magazines and websites. Lot's of cool stuff out there!

I should probably go back to work now. Happy Sunday!


Mary Robinette Kowal said...

I'm glad I could distract you today.

Mike said...

Mary: Me too. I really liked the story.

DC said...

Sketchblog is cool. I like Cereal Mascot Reunion too. So, I mentioned on another blog that I would like to have a band called Leftover Egg Roll. I wonder what that cover would look like?

Mike said...

DC: Hmmm...I imagine some weird bugs crawling around in it with some slimy looking veggies hanging out of it.

Carly said...

Hiya Mike :)

You have what I call the "Late Spring Itches." You want summer to be here already. LOL Yes, I know it well... hey look... a kangaroo!


Mike said...

Carly: That sounds about right. I remember that from school. A long, long time ago.