Saturday, June 28, 2008

Growing like a weed

No, I'm not talking about the kids this time. Sure, they are growing fast, but they don't compare to the speed at which our dog is growing. I mean, jeez, you'd think we are giving him some of those growth hormones they give cattle.

Here is a recent (as in two days ago):

Here is what he looked like a few short months ago:

He's grown a whole tile in length. You can't tell here, but he is also much taller and heavier. Up until the beginning of June we used to carry him upstairs to our room at bedtime. There is no way we could do that now. Besides, he doesn't fit in that smaller crate any more. We should have realized how big he was going to be after we saw the father (sire?) when we picked Quincy up. So, since Quincy is just over 5 months old, how big is he going to get? How old do dogs stop growing? He 45 pounds now, should we expect double? Really, I need to know if we need to build an addition for him...

(For some reason this was really difficult to get these pictures on there. I blame using trying to use two different sources. I should know better).


Florinda said...

Dogs tend to grow into their paws. If Quincy still has relatively big paws, he's probably not done growing yet. He's in that gawky adolescent stage right now :-).

Mike said...

Florinda: He hasn't quite grown into them yet he kind of trips over his feet. Just like an adolescent. :) The kids want to ride him. Maybe they will be able to. :)