Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Something is out there!

Last night I watched The Mist. It was decent horror movie, based on a Stephen King novella, about a mist (duh) that rolls into a town; but not your average mist. Without giving anything away, I'll just say that some very odd creatures were out in the mist and killing those people that were foolish enough to go outside.

These types of movies don't generally scare me after I am done watching them. (I'm choosing to ignore The Exorcist). Sure, I jump when things happen, but when the movies is over, I forget about it. I did have a concern after watching this movie, however. See, there were some giant bugs in the movie. I don't mind bugs for the most part, but when I see swarms of them, I can get the feeling they are crawling on me when I go to sleep. I'm happy to say I was too tired to care last night. Which is good because you know what I saw when I looked out the window before bed? Yeah, fog. We had a dense fog advisory overnight. Sweet dreams! Did I mention my wife was out of town too? Yeah, nobody was there to wake me if something was trying to get it.

Anyway, I slept fine. Tonight I am watching I am Legend. Hmmm, is it mysterious plague weather tonight?

I have the page up for The Mist as I am writing this. I have never looked at the part that lists plot keywords before. This movie lists, spear, run out of gas, person on fire, and restroom. Do people really search for movies were people are on fire? I guess if you are doing some kind of trivia thing. What about restroom? Who searches for that in movie? Do I want to know?


DC said...

I have yet to see The Mist. I've heard it's pretty good. I may have to go out and rent it this weekend.

Mike said...

DC: It's not bad for the type of movie it is; worth a rental for sure.

DC said...

I'll definitely try to see it. I really like foreign films and want to see this new spanish one called The Orphanage. I've heard great things about it. Another movie I recommend is Old Boy. It's a japanese film, but very well done and has a great twist at the end.

Mike said...

DC: I've heard of The Orphange, but not Old Boy. I'll look into it next time I'm renting something.