Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Assignment #222: Phone home

As Blondie says, call me. Call me anytime. Well, don't call me anytime; between 9am and 9pm is best. I need my beauty sleep.

Anyway, Karen wants to know my phone habits for this Weekend Assignment.

Weekend Assignment #221: What do you use a phone for? Do you strictly use it to make calls and pick up messages, or do you take advantage of other technology bundled with phones these days? Which features do you use all the time, which others would you use if they were available and cheap, and which would you not bother with even it they were free?

Obviously we are talking about cell phones here, but I want to mention one thing about our regular house phone. We have one of those sets were you get four cordless handsets and you can put them in various parts of the house without having to worry about a phone jack. The funny thing is that at any one time, three or all four will be in the same room. Oh, and each one has it's own ring. We chose some classical music on each of them. Not because we are so cultured, but the rest of the rings were very ear-piercing. So, since they are all in the same room, when the phone rings it sounds like a very confused, simulated orchestra where all the musicians are playing different music. Oh, and they are all off each other by half of a beat.

My cell phone is an older Motorola Razr. I've had it about 2 years, and it looks every bit that old. I've never been one for cell phone cases, so the phone takes a beating. Most of the wear and tear comes from going in-and-out of my pocket several times a day. It's coming time to get a new one soon; the battery is getting weak, and some times the screen goes blank for no reason. I am a gadget guy, so I'm afraid to go get a new one. I know I'm going to get one with way more features than I need.

Speaking of features, I use the text message feature a lot. My wife and I are constantly reminding each other of things we need to do on the way home. Oh, who am I kidding, she is reminding me of things. It doesn't always work though.

We also use the picture message feature quite a bit. Mostly for pictures of something the kids are doing when one of us is at work. Sometimes for fun things, like the first time Quincy went down the kid's slide.

That is about all we use it for, except as a phonebook. Most of the time we can't find ours, but with the cell phone in your pocket, you don't need a traditional phonebook.

Oh, I forgot, I do play games on it sometimes. I get bored easily. No, not at work, don't be silly. I would never do something like that!

I guess you could say I use most of the features. I don't use the web browser much, but I have an iPod Touch that I use for for that kind of thing.

Extra Credit: Do you still use your land line to make and receive calls from friends or family?

Yes, we have to, our house is a dead zone. It's just like the Verizon commercial that was on TV two seconds ago. I've never seen anyone come in here and check my reception though. Maybe it's because we use AT&T.

What do you use your phone for?


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

You and your wife have about the same phone habits Alan and I do. I am tackling this assignment for my Monday entry. If we had four landline phones we would never find them. LOL. We would pretty much have to velcro everthing including Elvis. LOL

Have a good week :)


Jenn said...

Apparently I should have sent you a text message reminding you about the gift receipt to be perfectly timed when you were at the checkout :)

Florinda said...

I almost forgot to mention my own reliance on my cell phone's phone book, so thanks for reminding me before my post got published :-D!

We have the house phone with four cordless handsets too, and three are usually within 10 feet of each other, if not quite in the same room. They all have the same ring, though, since we are already too easily confused :-).

I think my phone is an older Razr too. I know it's a Motorola, in any case.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I love that you're worried about getting a new one because you know you'll go for bells and whistles. That sounds very true, and yet you'll probably get a good deal on stuff that was too expensive last time around. I'd love to hear your competing phones in the same room - such a funny cacophony!

Mike said...

Carly: yeah, when we hear the phone ring it's usually a scramble to find one before voice mail picks up. :)

Jenn: Har.

Florinda: Glad to help! :) It makes it more fun to have them all ring differently, especially if you throw a cell phone in the mix!

Karen: That's true. I do long for some new features and they are cheaper now...

DC said...

I use my text message feature a lot too. Mostly because I don't like being on the phone. It's easier to send a quick text to tell someone something. My phone also has a bunch of features I don't use.

I do have a land line, but I only use that number when a business or something asks for a number. I never answer my land line, I always let the machine pick up.

Oh, and I have Verizon so no dead zones for me! :)

Mike said...

DC: I use text msgs all the time for the same reason. Sometimes it's too much effort to select the number, wait for it to connect, and the start ringing. It can be much easier to send a quick message. Especially if you are in a meeting, I'd something like that.