Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Learning to swim -- take 2

This is my second version. I started the first version saying I was using a new widget to post from iGoogle, but it crashed and wiped out my post. Now I am doing this on Gmail. I hope this doesn't crash.

We took the kids to their first swim lesson yesterday. They did fine, even though they were nervous. Our daughter even went down the little slide! That's a big deal, trust me. I was a little worried about the weather yesterday. The lesson was at an outdoor pool and it was rainy and cool all day, but the sun came out as we got to the pool. It was a sign I tell you!

I vaguely remember my swim lessons from a very,very long time ago. I remember the first time being in the deep water (4 feet), and I remember the very short swim suit. Yes, it was the 70's, what can I say? I have a pretty clear memory of a particular ride home one time.

I was with two friends in the back of my mom's car getting ready to leave the pool and head home. My mom was checking her mirror to back out, and started talking to herself. Actually she was talking to the lady in the car behind us, but she couldn't hear my mom. The lady driving the other car wasn't paying attention and back right into us. My mom went out to talk to her, but the lady denied hitting my mom. I don't know who you could deny it, but she did. So, my mom left us in the car and went to call the cops. I said it was the 70's, it was OK to leave kids in the car to make a call to the police. The cop came and listened to both stories. The lady claimed there was no way she could have hit my mom's car where the damage was. It was too high. So the cop measured her bumper and where the damage was. I'm pretty sure she said a bad word.

I don't remember much else, but I do know that the little cover over the keyhole on the trunk was never the same.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the kids swimming lessons. I got off track, sorry. They go again Wednesday, but my daughter is saying she doesn't want to go. We may have to bribe her with ice cream again. Yes, the ice cream is for my daughter, what are you trying to say?


DC said...

They should learn to swim or they will end up like me...grown and can't swim. (sigh) My parents never took me to swim lessons and we never had a pool growing up. Now, I'm too old and too much of a wuss to try to learn. Ah, well.

Mike said...

DC: You are never too old. The body floats for adults just as well as for kids.

My sister-in-law is not one for swimming either, and she had a pool at her house growing up. That is funny I think.

DC said...

But, I'm definitely too much of a wuss!

flowerpower said...

I have recently joined a health club nearby and am now learning to swim, very nervously but each visit I become more confident, can't quite lift both legs off as well but SO want to.. age 70 but keen....

Mike said...

Flowerpower: Hey, that's great. It's never too late. Good luck!