Friday, June 27, 2008

I have an idea.

Have you ever had one of those days where you come home, the house is
a mess, but you are too tired to clean? Sure we all have. That's why I
am happy to introduce you to Disposa-House.

Just put this new remote next to your garage door opener in your car.
When you come home push the button, and watch as your house disappears
into the ground only to be replaced by a shiny new one. It's just that
easy! No more back breaking labor! No more more sponges, mops, or
brooms! Just press the button and watch the magic! Your neighbors will
be amazed. You'll have more friends. Your dog will like you better!

So call now. Our operators are standing by! If you call within the
next four and-a-half seconds we'll throw in an extra remote for free!
So don't wait, you only have two seconds left.

Caution: Make sure your family is not in the house when you use
Disposa-house. Including your annoying uncle. Make sure no animals are
living under your house. Seriously, you don't want that. Disposa-House
is not available in Canada. I don't know why. Disposa-House is not
responsible for damage to underground pipes, cables, power lines,
phone lines, gas lines, ancient burial grounds that may end up
haunting your Disposa-House. Basically, anything that breaks because
your are too lazy to clean you own house, we are not responsible for.
Got it?!

Call Now!


DC said...

I'd buy it only if everytime I got a new clean house that it would also be different. Just to break up the monotony.

And I don't think the dogs care what the house looks like. Heck, I buy all kinds of toys yet an empty water bottle is so much more fascinating. Simple pleasures.

Mike said...

DC: That could be an upgrade option.

We used to give our old dog a 2 liter bottle to play with. It kept him busy for a long time since he couldn't grab it easily.