Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's in the hole!

I like to play golf, so it goes without saying that I like the movie Caddyshack.The question is, do I like the movie enough to spend $250 on "The Official Caddyshack Putter"? No, I don't think I do.

Image from Gizmodo.

But, you say, "The putter cover has a button that quotes the movie." Yes, all the more reason not to buy it. I know the quotes, it's funnier when I say it. Besides, if I was going to spend $250 dollars on a putter I'd buy a Scotty Cameron putter. If you want to read more about the Caddysahck putter go here. Knock yourself out.

Now, If I was going to buy a novelty putter, not that I would, I'd buy this:

Yes, that is a Star Trek Putter. Cool, huh? It came out last year, but you can still get them. Heck, Golfsmith has this whole set for $118.98. What a bargain! Then when you miss a a five footer for birdie you can yell, "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!" Wouldn't that be more fun? Plus, with the money you save by buying this one over the Caddyshack putter you can actually pay for the round.


bluegame said...

How can you even complain about Jenn getting a expensive dinner once in awhile!

Florinda said...

Boy, am I glad my husband doesn't play golf. I'd have to get him that Star Trek putter.

Mike said...

Lori: I was just teasing.

Florinda: Think of the joy it would bring him. That would make it all worth it. :)