Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nobody tell me what happened on The Office

Somehow we screwed up and forgot to record The Office and 30 Rock. The problem is our TiVo is across the room from the telephone jack. Instead of having the cord stretched across the room for the kids to trip on, we only plug it in whenever it tells us. The TiVo is very smart you know. The problem is that it warns you early.
"Hey, I only have 3 days of programming left."

So I ignore it. I have three days. Why do it now?

Then it starts to nag me like it's my mom

"I only have two days left, you better do it."

I'll do it tomorrow.

"Tomorrow never comes for you."

Then, just to spite the machine I let it run out of info. You know, teach it who's boss. Turns out the only thing TiVo can learn from you is you might like MacGyver since you watch The A-team. It's not as smart as you think. Oh, and once it knows you have a kid in the house, forget it. For a long time we would never have space for our TV shows because it was filled up with Doodlebops, Hi-5, Mickey Mouse get the idea.

As you may have guessed, the programming info ran out and we had to manually set it to record anything. Manually record things? Bah, we live 2008 now, not 1999! We remembered to record (I almost wrote "tape") Lost, but neither of us remembered The Office until the next day. We weren't happy. We could watch it online, but that's not very relaxing. We don't have a big TV so we can watch TV shows on a 15" monitor.

But, we got lucky. We have a older TiVo in our bedroom that we record shows that overlap in time; turns out that still had The Office programmed in it, and that one is plugged in at all times. We haven't watched it yet. We've been to busy. So don't ruin anything. I've been staying away from the online recaps on purpose.

I'm thinking I should have posted this on Friday before I knew we had the show on the other TiVo. It would have had more impact.

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Florinda said...

We watched it on the DVR last night. Come back when you've seen it. :-) Good thing you have that second TiVo, huh?