Saturday, April 19, 2008

What is good about TV

I'm tired of hearing how TV is bad; It ruins your eyes, it makes you a vegetable, it makes you fat, etc. Let's talk about what is good about TV.

TV is great escapism. Think about it. Isn't it great to have something like The Office, 30 Rock, or CSI:Whatever to look forward to when you are having a lousy day at work? No matter how bad it is at work you can go home and laugh at the ineptitude of Michael Scott, or get drawn into the quirky mind of Gil Grissom and forget all about you lousy day. Maybe, just maybe, after watching your favorite show you will have to strength to go back to work the next day so you can feed your family. Or buy a bigger TV.

TV is a good learning tool. Just by watching TV I've learned that you can't paint a room by blowing up a paint can, you can tell how long a person has been dead by the types of bugs in it, and so much more. Think about it. In 20-30 years that is how kids will learn. They won't go to school, it will all be on TV and computer.

TV helps you get stuff done. If it wasn't for TV I would not have anything for my kids to do while I try to clean up (or take a nap). Don't tell me you don't do it. Sometimes you need to put on The Wiggles or Buzz Lightyear so you can get some laundry done. I know you do it. It's OK, I won't tell.

TV is good for your relationship. Just turn on Rock of Love or Flavor of Love 15 and your spouse will realize just how lucky they are to find some one like you. Really, check those shows out. Where do they find those people?!

TV can get you exercising. Just ask my son. After watching Power Rangers, he usually runs around the house fighting imaginary bad guys for a good ten minutes. Three episodes of that a day and he gets his recommended 30 minutes of exercise.

TV teaches you that crime doesn't pay. Just yesterday I spent 20 minutes at work watching a car chase on CNN. Or was it Fox News? It doesn't matter. The lady was caught and thrown in the slammer. We all learned a valuable lesson; make sure you have a fast car with good tires.

That's all I have for now. If you can think of anything else let me know.

(Yes this is a joke, mostly, my kids are fine. I swear!)



Florinda said...

Regarding your first point, one good thing about The Office is that it makes you appreciate that your own workplace isn't quite that screwed up, and you could actually have a worse boss - Michael Scott.

And I think the only parents who don't occasionally set the kids in front of the TV are those that don't own a TV. Have you ever met one of them? I think I might have known a couple...

Mike said...

Florinda: True, though I'd probably rather have Michael Scott than a total jerk. I think. I know some of those non TV watching people too.