Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

OK, I'm going to do the Ten on Tuesday this week, and do it on time. I know. I live a wacky life.

Anyway this week the topic is your 10 favorite actors/actresses. Go check out what other people thought.

I'm going to have some trouble with this because I generally don't see movies or shows only based on who is starring in them. Although, if I am on the fence about a movie, the acotrs can push me over the edge to actually fork over the movie to see it. We do have two children, so most of the time we are renting the movies any way. On to the list, in no particular order.

1. Harrison Ford. He is Indiana Jones. There is really not much more to say.

2. Gene Hackman. Oh, he's good in everything, ya know? Yes, he's been in some movies that he couldn't save, but he always tries.

3. Jim Carrey. Only in comedies though. Other than "The Truman Show" he hasn't picked the right dramas.

4. Natalie Portman. Not including the "Star Wars" movies, that wasn't her fault.

5. Tom Hanks. If you can pull off a movie by yourself with very little audio, you know what you are doing.

6. Christopher Guest. The king of "mockumentory".

7. John Candy. He went before his time. He had a great run.

8. Steve Carrell. Seems like a nice guy too.

9. Jenna Fischer. That is for my wife. :)

10. Matt Damon. The "Bourne" movies really put him over the top for me.

So, what do you think?


Jenn said...

Instead of leading people to believe that I play both teams (not that there's anything wrong with that) maybe you should point out that you have what one can only describe as a school boy crush on Jenna Fisher.


Florinda said...

I was thisclose to putting Steve Carell on my list. You're right about Jim Carrey, but I actually think The Truman Show is his best movie.

I love Christopher Guest's "mockumentaries," but I guess I think of him more as a filmmaker than an actor (Count Rugen notwithstanding), even though he always has parts in his movies.

This was a tough one for me too, for the same reason. Next week's topic is "10 Favorite Comedies," and that will be easier - or harder, in terms of keeping it to only 10!

Mike said...

Jenn: I was going to pit Sheena Easton on there just for a good laugh. But nobody thinks of her as an actress.

Florinda: Christioher Guest as Nigel in This Is Spinal Tap got him on this list. He's great in that. I think I'm going to start planning for the comedies now. It's going to be tough.

Cookie said...

I remember Sheena on Miami Vice. She had to pretend she loved Don Johnson's character. I'm hoping that was acting. *L* Wow, I'm old.

Oh, and I agree about Harrison Ford. How can you not love that man?

Mike said...

Cookie: I think that was the only acting she ever did. Thanks for stopping by. I haven't had a chance to check any other posts yet. I'll make sure to stop by yours.

bluegame said...

Get on the Treadmill! That's number 11 and the most Important!

bluegame said...

Number 11!!! Get on that Treadmill!

Mike said...

Lori(bluegame): I ran outside on Monday. I'll probably go today too. Though my knee hurts a little.

Jamie Ford said...

What? No Christoper Walken? This list needs more cowbell...

Mike said...

Jamie: I know! I thought of him after I posted this. I'm so ashamed.