Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Wednesday

I've decided to make everyday Random Wednesday. You know, it's the middle of the week, you're tired, you're mind tends to wander; it seems like a good day to talk about whatever comes to mind.

Our puppy is afraid of the dark. He's fine in the house, it's when we go outside that he has a problem. When I'm standing outside with him, waiting for him to do his business, he gets scared by wind, a leaf blowing by, or a door shutting four houses down. He will try to pull me back into the house, but I know he'll pee on the carpet so I force him to stay outside. He has to face his fears some time, right?

I had a dream about being attacked by a chipmunk. Yes, a chipmunk, those tiny little things that hide underground. This one had huge teeth and he was clamped onto my hand. I don't remember how I finally got him off, maybe I just woke up. I think I had the dream because of the story of the cougar that was killed in Chicago. Or, it my have been due to the many people who put down Monty Python's Holy Grail on their ten favorite movies list and I was thinking about the killer bunny rabbit. Where is the holy hand grenade when you need it? Either way, it was a weird dream.

Did everyone file their taxes? Ours were prepared and sent to our house weeks ago, but we waited until yesterday to send them in. Why? We like to wait until the last possible second to do things; it's more fun that way. Especially when you are missing something. We found out we were missing the 1040v form at 10:30pm on the 14th. Thanks to the Internet we were able to print one out, but we had to do it on resume paper since we were out of regular paper. Yes, we are just that organized. I have one question. If I didn't put enough stamps on it, and it gets sent back, does that count as having it postmarked by the 15th? I hope so, I'm a little worried about the weight and the amount of stamps. I'll let you know if it comes back.

Happy Wednesday.


Florinda said...

We filed our taxes in February, online. Our tax situation is pretty basic - don't own a home, no major non-retirement investments, mostly salary income. We knew we'd owe, and we just wanted to get it over with. (Just because I'm an accountant doesn't mean I like this stuff.)

My husband saw Spamalot on Broadway a few weeks ago, and came back with a few souvenirs. He asked about a Holy Hand Grenade, but they didn't have one for sale. Now there's a missed opportunity. We actually saw one in a store a couple of years ago; it was basically a fancy, overpriced whoopie cushion. We're still kicking ourselves for not buying it.

Mike said...

Florinda: That would be a great souvenir! They probably lost out on millions in merchandising. Isn't that what Yogurt said it was all about in Spaceballs?